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I agree with you (Mister Zevran). Asunder was amazing, and he set up Cole’s story arc for Inquisition.

I loved Asunder too. It was a great book. I mean, what was its purpose?

  • to introduce interesting characters: check
  • to set the basic world state for Inquisition: check
  • to give us characters in a fanservice-y manner: check
  • to give us fEeLS: cHECK

What it did not intend:

  • to be a high-quality literature with the aim of becoming a best seller in 58 countries and to have such a perfectly built-up storyline studios would compete to get the rights to make it into a movie

Anonymous said: I feel like the moment you say David Gaider wrote an A+ series of books you lose all claim to criticize any other Dragon Age book and have it viewed as valid. Gaider is a great video game writer, but he's shit at prose and crafting a novel.

I criticise whichever book I wish. I have expectations from each book I start reading and I view them accordingly. Gaider’s books met the expectations I’d set up, while Weekes and Merciel failed to even satisfy me in any way a writer does a reader. I criticised the DA books compared to each other. I can list you hundreds of books that are way better than Gaider’s (and hundreds that are not).

You have no idea what I looked for in his books thus you can stop lecturing me about literature. I won’t seek deep meanings and values in novels based on a video game, please don’t think I am an illiterate idiot with unrealistic expectations from books. I’ve read enough to be able to tell if a book’s good enough to serve its purpose or not.

He tells it wrong, and you have nothing more than a pretty story. He tells it right, and you have a legacy. {x}

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TBH, I haven’t been impressed with any of the…

I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. I don’t think there has to be a lore set in stone. I am okay with some inconsistencies or contradictions. You have to change certain things as time goes by; you cannot plan everything ahead like, “ok, here’s this fictional date, it’ll work when in 6 years a person is writing a novel for the franchise.” Like… it is a fictional universe. Even Tolkien altered his world as he wrote his novels, Bioware can do that too.

As for the books, Gaider’s trilogy is A+. In a literary and storytelling way. At least compared to the other two books. The Masked Empire was more or less ok, it had some interesting characters, but Last Flight was a disaster. The writer(???? I wouldn’t call her that…) was completely unaware how literature works and how to use literary tools, how to build up a decent story and how to invent and develop characters. Any fanfic writer I’ve read could have done better, actually. And I paid money for this piece of c.

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i’ve just finished reading last flight

i am greatly disappointed that the quaity of the da franchise has dropped this low

I have to save my friends.
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The Hanged Man - Redemption through sacrifice. Enforced sacrifice. Suffering. Suspension, restriction, letting go.
Martyrdom, indecision, delay. Punishment. Loss. Defeat. Failure. Death.

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Below is just a list of all of the important trailers, twitch streams, news announcements and various other things people may need to catch up OR just revisit in anticipation of the game.  Everything on the list is in descending order by release date, so if you want to watch them in the order they were given to us, just follow the links.

I may have missed some tons of things, so shoot me a message and I will add/edit as we get closer to the release!  



The Fires Above (teaser trailer)

A World Unveiled

Discover The Dragon Age

The Inquisitor

Stand Together

Lead Them Or Fall


The Enemy Of Thedas

The Hero of Thedas


E3 Demo Pt. 1

E3 Demo Pt. 2

Combat Features

Crafting And Customization

Character Creation


Dragon Age Keep (Sept. 26th)

Dragon Age Keep Replay (Sept. 28th)

Dragon Age Keep Q&A 1 (Oct. 3rd)

Dragon Age Keep Q&A 2 (Oct. 10th)

Bioware Keep! (Oct. 17th)


DA:I New Gameplay Demo! (Sept. 29th)

DA:I Character Customization and Gameplay (Oct. 9th)

DA:I Gameplay with PC controls (Oct. 13th)


DA:I Official Site

PC System Requirements

Dragon Age Keep

PS.  I know I am probably missing things, but this is a rough list of places to start.  Feel free to drop me a message and let me know if I’m forgetting anything.

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downton abbey edits in the daedits tag make me uncomfortable

Faith lies in ashes…”

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