i find that fictional assassins wearing crop tops and flower crowns with flower petals blowing in the wind anime opening style always cheers me up so i figured it would make u a bit happy too ultimate hella partner partner

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hello my name is Ivan and I have a connor problem OTL

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I retract my previous request. Someone had indeed asked Adam to make out with his hand. Now, here I am sharing that photo.

Photo taken by SoniaCarreras @DeviantArt

I’ll never be able to unsee this. And now I love him even more.

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Not much of an update whoops.


Ignoring hair and the rest of his armor by adding texture to everywhere lalalala~

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More sketches?


Rhys and Cole from Dragon Age: Asunder


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Eagles play an important role to the Assassin Brotherhood, in that many of the Order’s outfits and weapons bear resemblance to eagles, and the birds swarm around View Points which the Assassins use to navigate their surroundings and perform Leaps of Faith from. In this regard, the Assassins dubbed the sixth sense that belonged to some of their members as “Eagle Vision.”

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting Dragon Age: Inquisition for four years and it’s release is only a few months away. Mages have always been my favourite class, so I’m counting down with illustrations of the upcoming mage companions.

Dorian is first up, naturally. I painted him manipulating water because, damn it, I want some water spells!

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Not sure if 100% canon but very interesting!

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there is justice in the world.

Anders for beckalizard.

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